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    Electronic Multi-Purpose Luggage Weighing Scale EEL 6002A

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    Electronic Personal Weighing Scale – EEP 1006A

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Useful and accurate

"Bought a luggage scale recently and it has turned out to be quite useful and accurate!" - Pamela D'Souza

It is simply brilliant!

"I have been using this scale for some time now. It is simply brilliant! The best thing is that you can compare your lean body mass or % fat against weight, and watch your body composition improve with your progressing workouts." - Rajiv Thakur

This scale has made things easier for me

"I recently bought one of the kitchen scales - the digital one and it has turned out to be pretty useful. Since, my husband is diabetic I keep looking out for natural remedies and some of the remedies have specific quantities mentioned. Earlier, it was very difficult for me to measure the right quantities. But this scale has made things easier for me." - Sonia Tripathi

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All Eagle Weighing Scales are approved by the Department of Legal Metrology, India and Weights and Measures Department, India. You can rest assured about the quality as we bring with us an expertise of over 97 years. Plus you get 36 months free service!

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Eagle Weighing Scales brings to you the most comprehensive collection of electronic weighing machines to suit all your needs - for weighing yourself, your luggage and your ingredients. Being in the business since 1918, we bring expertise with us that guarantees quality, accuracy and durability.

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