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Expertise of Over 9 Decades in Weighing Scales

Founded by E. G. Kantawala in 1918, Eagle Scales brings with it an expertise of over 9 decades. We bring to you the most comprehensive collection of electronic and mechanical weighing scales.

We started off by importing weighing scales from England, France and Germany. In 1960, we began manufacturing weighing scales and started marketing it under the Brand name – Eagle. Thus, Eagle Scales came into existence.

Today, E.G. KANTAWALLA has probably India’s most modern and spacious factory. This factory is located in Pune, a city approximately 200 Km away from Mumbai, the commercial capital of India. Our company comprises of 4 main divisions – Dealer Division, Industrial Weighing Division, Weigh Bridge Division, Customer Support Division.

Accurate and stylish weighing scales for the kitchen, luggage or personal use

We strive to give the best to our customers

Here is how we ensure that we maintain the high standards of quality.

State-of-the-Art Technology
We incorporate the latest technology when coming up with new products in-line with customer needs.

A Design & Development Team that Provides Appropriate Solutions
Our venture into the field of manufacturing of electronic weighing scales, electronic auto/taxi fare meters and weighing-related solutions can be attributed to our design and development team that is constantly looking for new product developments keeping in mind customer needs. Apart from new product development programs, this group constantly monitors practical product-related problems followed by systematic and continuing product improvement.

Some of the other weighing scales we sell can be viewed on

Our Marketing Team that is Open for Feedback 24/7
Our marketing team is constantly in touch with our customers and hence forms a vital part of our company. Besides this, they come up with dynamic product-related field marketing strategies, always keeping in mind customers’ interests.

Technical Support Team that Provides Prompt Service
Each of our branches has a technical support team with full capability for prompt preventive and breakdown maintenance. Constant training and re-training of technical personnel, both in-house and overseas, facilitates efficient and expert support to our nation-wide installation base.

Weigh Bridge
We also make Weigh Bridges. For more details visit

Constant Flow of Monetary Funds
Our Finance team ensures that our customer-oriented efforts are not thwarted by the lack of financial funds.

Guaranteed Efficiency
Our IT Department strives to computerize as many functions as possible thus, helping our company move towards more efficient management and servicing.

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