Health is wealth, they say. This Valentine’s Day, make your Valentine follow these 14 easy health tips to stay fit.

Wake up in the morning with a smile. A great way to start the day is with a smile on the face. Keep your worries aside and let positive thoughts influence you.

Take a break, go on a holiday! Long weekend, is a good weekend. Spending quality time together is a good way to relax.

Stay hydrated. Consume at least 8-10 glasses of water every day.

Play a sport together. Consider going out with your significant other to play a sport. It’s not just fun and games, but a good way to burn the excess calories too.

Say no to chocolate. This Valentine’s Day, think healthy. Chocolate is too mainstream, try oat cookies! Don’t let the stereotype get you. Avoid foods that add extra unwanted pounds.

Movie date, at home with home cooked food. Cook a healthy meal at home, which is non-greasy, hygienic and less fattening. Watch a romantic comedy (Romcom), sit back and relax.

Splurge. Retail therapy of any kind has proven to be a great mood up-lifter. So now you know what needs to be done when you’re feeling down. SHOP!

Engage in small talk, and casual conversation with others. Talking and expressing yourself is good way to release the day’s tension.

Pamper pets. Treat your pet with some gourmet food. Take it on a stroll outside, by the beach if you are on a holiday. Pet Grooming salon is an excellent idea.

Digital Detox .Shut down all your fancy gadgets for a day. Mobile phones, laptops, television, tabs and all the things which keep you from socialising outside, boycott them for a day.  Talk to each other in person and not over the devices. Try it.

Plan your day a day before. Eat minimum of 6 healthy meals a day. Eating healthy is a good start.

Creative gift for the other, hand-made greeting cards, lamps or anything out of the box could make a great gifting idea on the Valentine’s Day.

Go Green. Plant seeds outside your house or on a nearby hill. Be a good citizen.

Sleeping pattern is a major contributor to your well-being. Sleep for at least 7-8 hours every night and start the day fresh.


If you have any further suggestions comment in the box below.

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