Working out doesn’t seem to be working for you? You are thinking of switching to a diet plan?

Of course, following a diet plan is never easy. What with all the food restrictions. Moreover, if you try to look for recipes that fit into the diet-criteria, those recipes turn out to be bland. Then, you end up asking your dietician/nutritionist if she can change the diet plan a little. But there she sits, right across you shaking her head in response. Occasionally, she will give you a leeway and you could bite into that oily-bhaji or have that creamy dessert that you love.But that sudden leeway reminds you of that world of heavenly delicious food and the bland world of reality seems to deter you.


Most of us have gone through this phase, and end up either abandoning the diet plan or abandoning the very idea of losing weight. Ultimately, the needle on the weighing scale remains stuck at the same old position.

May be you can reconsider the diet plan just this once. Go through some of the recipes. Try them out. And start your weight-reduction plan again!

The Food-Triangle Strategy

Before you dive into your diet plan, you could have a look at that terrible weapon that your dietician/nutritionist uses to bombard you with appetite-losing diet-plans. Its called the Food Pyramid. The Food Pyramid suggests the exact quantity of every type of food that you need to have to stay healthy. Scrutinize the Food Pyramid

Fats on the Enemy Line

Alright, so your dietician/nutritionist is putting you in the most notorious cantonment – a low-fat diet. That’s means no cheese, no oily stuff, no creamy desserts. And that boils down to you being allowed only baked and boiled stuff. That’s what you think. May be it wouldn’t be so bad! That would be a very strict low-fat diet. Check out some interesting Low fat recipes on or on In case you love desserts, has some mouth-watering recipes.

Salad Camouflage

Perhaps, salads are the best part of your diet and you wish to try out all possible salads to save yourself from the enemy – the No-Diet-Plan. You can try out all or some of the salads put up on

Pacifying the Enemy

Who doesn’t love those creamy desserts? And every time you enter a patisserie or browse through the restaurant menu’s dessert section, the desserts seem to be bribing your brain to betray your diet-plan. May be you don’t have to give up all the desserts. May be you can still have some yummy desserts and be loyal to your food-regime. Here are some dessert recipes that will keep you going!

These recipes are bound to keep you rooted. But what will give you an occasional motivation and encouragement is a look at your weight on the weighing scale. Don’t forget to check your weight every week!

Soldiers, CHARGE!

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