This Diwali –Moderate eating should be your MANTRA


Enjoy this Diwali with all its festive glory; however don’t let your weight loss strategies go waste!!!

Here are some healthy tips for you this Diwali!



Pre-planned exercise schedule is the key!

  • 1 hr. of cardio exercise early in the morning will keep you guilt free throughout the day!
  • Post dinner walk with family will definitely give you an extra benefit!
  •  Plan at least 1 day of outdoor activity e.g. tracking, swimming, etc.



Moderation is the Mantra! Very difficult, but it’s certainly not impossible!!

  • Keep your eating pattern as usual like Breakfast, mid-morning meal, lunch, evening snacks and dinner. Don’t binge in between.
  • Start your any meal with some healthy liquid (Water is the best.)& fruit or salad.
  • It’s better to start your meal with sweets!
  • Take smaller portions of sweet and fatty food.
  • Reduce your sugar intake in your tea & coffee.
  • Avoid second helpings & eat slowly.
  • Plan your meals. When you are at home, just with your family; try to keep simple food with less oil, less sugar and more protein.
  • Try to get roasted Diwali snacks, low sugar sweets, dark chocolates, nuts, dry fruits etc.


And lastly, Happy feasting.


Look forward to your reviews on the post. Do share suggestions, if any.

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