Dairy Foods

Dairy foods are just as important as all the components on your Eat well plate! This is part 3, scroll down to go through part 1 & 2 incase you missed it!

There are certain recommendations for young children, for example pre-school children should have a regular milk intake.
However this does that mean that older people do not require the nutrients that dairy products actually contain.

Dairy products are an important source of calcium for people of all ages. Typically they provide approximately half of the calcium requirements we need to live a healthy life. People who do not consume dairy products regularly can find it difficult to obtain their calcium requirements from other foods in the diet and honestly drinking milk is not at all difficult.

The eatwell plate highlights the importance of consuming milk and dairy foods. In practice, consuming approximately 2-3 portions of dairy foods a day, e.g. a glass of milk, a matchbox size piece of cheese or a pot of yogurt is good enough.

Calcium provided by dairy products can help improve bone health. When children are growing, calcium is being deposited in their bones up until about the mid-20s, so its important to continue drinking milk up until that age at least. Consuming dairy products can reduce the risk of developing weaker bones or osteoporosis later in life. Calcium requirements for children are higher than adults, hence the emphasis on growing kids drinking milk. Pregnant and breastfeeding women also have higher requirements for calcium as the baby needs calcium as well as the mother.

Of course, as everything else in life, nothing needs to be overdone, just make an attempt to incorporate some dairy into your diets to give your system a good balance.

Stay tuned for Part 4, coming soon!

– Team Eagle

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