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Beat the Heat

Summer is seriously kicking in and the heat part of it is not very fun. Here are a few things you can do to make this part of the year a little more pleasant! 1. Don’t Blow Hot Air Make a makeshift air conditioner. If it’s hot but not humid, place a shallow bowl of […]

Cycle your way to fitness

Cycling benefits your health in ways which are beyond human imagination. An hour of cycling daily helps you lose weight, reduce stress and improve bodily functions. Cycling isn’t just a requirement of your body but is also a necessity, more for maintaining tranquillity in the environment. Cycling is the best remedy to exhaustion! Let us […]

Have a safe trip!

Have a safe trip! Traveling is always fun if it’s rightly planned. The pitfalls of traveling with seniors and elder adults are rarely taken into consideration until there’s a mishap during a trip. Thankfully, here are new and exciting resources that make it easy to pre-plan and travel with any elders. 1) Avoid unnecessary baggage […]

Only mothers can!

We got a lot to thank our mothers for. They give us life and the opportunity to come into this world. They try to mold us into good human beings and build a good life. 7 things mothers are awesome at. 1. Mothers tolerate every annoying habit that we have as a child. We can […]

A Beach Vacation

The summer is at its peak. A dip in the sea, a sumptuous meal, lots of local shopping and some wine by the ocean sounds heavenly. Escaping the civilization and heading to a beach in the tormenting heat may not be the most practical thing to do but, it surely can be the most relaxing. […]

Fitness and Technology

With a luxurious lifestyle today, our society is facing health issues related to obesity.  The main cause of obesity is unhealthy eating and inactivity. Obesity leads to many diseases which incur a lot of medical costs and bad health. Nowadays most of us have started realizing the need of health and fitness which leads to […]

Skin care in Summers

Summer is here and it’s time for hot outfits like shorts, spaghettis and all the summer dresses. With these outfits skin is exposed more to heat and thus it demands extra protection. Scorching sun causes dryness, premature ageing and wrinkles on the skin. The UV rays also cause a lot of damage to the skin. […]

Summer Diet FAQ’s

Summer Diet FAQ’s for a healthy and fitter life. 1.What should I eat in summer? There are many seasonal fruits like melons, oranges, pineapples, berries which are best for the summer season. These fruits are highly nutritious and add volume to the diet. Devour them in the form of juices, mixed fruit salads; add them […]

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