We all know how much it sucks to have the flu. You know it’s coming when you feel the sniffles, experience some body ache and have a heavy head. Here are a few things you should do to make sure that you don’t actually give in to these symptoms and fall ill.

1. Drink loads of fluids
The second you start feeling ill, start chugging water! lots of it! Staying hydrated helps your body battle with a sore throat and a cold.

2. Gargle with Salt water, it works.
The reason this is actually done is because the salt draws out excess water in your throats tissues which in turn reduces inflammation & clears the mucus from the back of your throat. The salt water also flushes out bacteria and viruses!

3. Clean that nose!
As soon as you experience cold symptoms, use a saline nasal spray. Take a hot shower & steam, that will help clear up your nasal passages.

4. Replace cough syrup with Honey.

5. Rest it out.
Honestly, the best way to get rid of a cold is by sleeping. Your body is telling you it needs the rest, so give it that. Don’t go to work and infect other people!

6. More Fluids.
Everything from soup to broths to vegetable and fruit juices, all these work well and ease the symptoms of a cold!

7. Exercise (If you can)
Light exercise and movement can help boost the immune system and will actually make you feel better.

8. Eat the right things
Soups are great, but you should try eating at least one power packed meal. Grilled Fish or meat, grains & some veggies should give you enough energy and protein to fight back.

Have a good dinner, a hot shower and sleep it off!

Hope this helps, there seems to be a lot of viruses in the air anyway!


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