A simple proverb, ‘You are what you think’ has changed the life of many. It is said that how the person feels or thinks about himself is judged by his body stature. A positive person is always energetic and enthusiastic. He has a positive body language, which reflects through inner soul. One can set a good tuning with your spiritual self only after taking good care of the body.

Confidence and weight loss are two sides of the same coin. Perfect body creates a ‘feel good’ vibe, which boosts your confidence, and on the other hand low confidence stimulates stress. It is a well known fact that stress affects our eating habits, which in turn increases body fats, toxin etc. even after one looks perfect on the outside.

Managing weight is not rocket science and still it is not something, which can be purchased from the market. Many a times resolutions of losing or gaining weight are meant to be broken by the excuses which the mind generates with absolutely convincing theories. A simple logic is to feel good about your body and work towards achievable health targets. Don’t stretch too much or be lazy in your schedule to achieve that perfect body.

Many people who follow a regular exercise regime, have entitled themselves to eat junk food. They believe that they can handle it through their routine workout regime. People are tempted to eat tasty but harmful food items. Here moderation is the key to success. Don’t underestimate the role of eating right, which should also be in the right quantity. It is an old and simple saying, ‘Health is Wealth’ as with good health you can achieve wealth, but your wealth may or may not be the solution for ill health. So, take care of your weight to boost confidence, which can transform your life.


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