First off, don’t be worried if things sometimes just slip your mind, if you randomly forget somebody’s name or you forget what you wanted to say. These things happen & it mostly happens because we lead such highly stressful lives.

This can actually begin in your early 20s and progresses with age, but we can’t let it get out of control & we must do what we can to protect our memory. Here are a few ways in which you can stop & deter memory loss.

1. Eat Carbs for Breakfast
Studies have proved that people who eliminate carbs from their diet actually suffer from more memory loss. Your brain cells NEED carbs, pick from whole grains & other complex carbs. Your breakfast options are endless; go in for a whole wheat muffin, a slice of multi-grain bread topped with egg, add a fruit and you’re good to go!

2. Work out
People just don’t take this seriously enough, your brain & body both need constant stimulation to stay in shape. Exercise increases blood flow thus sending more oxygen to the brain. Take up an exercise that is routine based, like kickboxing, karate or a dance class. Basically something that requires you to think, works well.

3. Google away
Studies show, that web-searching actually stimulates the part of your frontal lobe that controls short-term memory. Even if you spend an hour a day actually doing research, the neural circuits used in decision making, visual-spatial & verbal skills become very active when you are doing a dedicated internet search.

4. Switch your fonts.
What font do you use to type out your mails or edit a document on word? Times new roman? Verdana? Try switching your regular font to something different, challenge your brain. Use a more complex font which will force your brain to improve it’s processes & will increase recall.

5. Floss! Yes it is related..
Flossing, as we all know, is good for your teeth. However, it does wonders for your mind too. Not flossing leads to a number of problems; first of all your gums get inflamed, allowing all sorts of bad bacteria to enter your blood stream. This bacteria which is now in your blood stream will in turn cause more inflammation in other parts of your body, BRAIN included & in the long run this causes cognitive dysfunctions. So please floss!


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