Have a safe trip!

Traveling is always fun if it’s rightly planned. The pitfalls of traveling with seniors and elder adults are rarely taken into consideration until there’s a mishap during a trip. Thankfully, here are new and exciting resources that make it easy to pre-plan and travel with any elders.

1) Avoid unnecessary baggage

Unique identification:

Use a colourful ribbon and a nametag and tie it to your bags, to avoid misplacing your luggage while travelling. On your name tag include details such as Name, Contact Details, E-mail address, Destination address. Pack these in your hand luggage – Laptops, cameras, Legal Documents i.e. passports, cash / cards, any jewelry and medication to avoid theft.

2) Avoid peak travel times.

Peak time travels are not always the best as a myriad people are already residing and it just won’t give you a “I am on a holiday!” feel. Check the information regarding peak travel times to your destination.

3) Travel activities.

Take a holiday for leisure and not because you’re a control freak and every monastery must be visited on the scheduled time and day! Planning too many activities in one day can cause exhaustion.

4) Food and medication

Allergies can totally ruin a trip!. Make sure that there is enough medication to last the trip, and be fully aware of what medications and food contraindications there may be.

5) Special equipment

The need for special equipment is mandatory. Identify your need for special equipment. Wheelchairs and other access are normally available at airports and train stations.

6) Honest Communication

The communication between the elder and younger should be crystal clear. The younger have a right not to just sit out the day while others play; not every activity has to be simultaneously participated in by all and vice versa.

** Happy Holidays**

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