Monday is here & as promised we are here with a bunch of tips to help you get into a super routine which suits you & will hopefully have a positive impact on all the aspects of your life!

Lets begin!

1. Make a morning list. This is helpful for realizing how much time is needed for all of your morning tasks & helps chart out a schedule

2. List the most essential tasks to prioritize (e.g. shower, breakfast, making food, packing bags).

3. Add on more tasks like reading your mail, walking your dog, doing the laundry or
clearing up).

4. Study your pace, do you take your time) or are you really efficient in the morning?

5. Start with the first tasks and work your way down according to priority.

6. Test your routine

Try this sometime before you really need to start following a
regular morning routine, perhaps a few weeks ahead of time. Substitute your old actions for these new ones!

Here is an example of a routine, you can tweak things of

Wake up, shower, make your bed, eat breakfast

Walk your dog/wake up your kids/get ready

Me Time (meditate/clean up/read the newspaper)

Prepare your things for the day (bag/brief-case/gym bag)

Use this time for whatever you need to get done.

If you have kids, drive them to school

Drive yourself to work

7. Plan your sleep schedule which actually has to be in place for your morning routine to work. Stick to the night routine & the morning one will fall into place.

8. Decide on how many hours of sleep you need. (6 hours is fine)

9. Schedule enough time in the morning so you don’t have to rush to get ready.

10. Stick with this sleep schedule, making exceptions only when you really need to.

11. Don’t sleep to music/tv it does play a role in disrupting profound sleep.

12. Avoid electronic devices at least 30 minutes before bed—the light can negatively effect your sleep and the brain stimulation from the devices make it hard to “power down” your brain.

13. Remember to ease into your routine. Don’t give your body a sudden shock because this will make getting into a long term
habit really tough. Here’s some help:

– Start with applying this routing for 2 days and then 3 day stretches, slowly add the
number of days,

– Keep track of what works for you and what doesn’t—and adjust your tasks accordingly,
be a little harder on yourself though.

– Find distractions or other obstacles to your routine and avoid them BE DISCIPLINED.


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