So you went to the dietician/ nutritionist and she gave you a diet plan. Your friend, too visited the same dietician but he/she was given a completely different diet plan. Now, that got the gears in your head rolling and you began wondering why she did that. And it turns out to be worse, when your friend was allowed to have cheese (something you really love a lot) while you were banned from having it! Not fair! Is this because your cholesterol levels are high or you are too fat? Nope. And after thinking of all the possible reasons, you ultimately conclude that your dietician is a sadist.


Not really. Dieticians/Nutritionists have to prepare a diet plan depending on your body type. Some of us put on weight very easily. Some don’t. Some are just perfect.

Come let’s figure out which is your body type.

For Men


There are mainly 3 body types for men- Ectomorph, Mesomorph and Endomorph. Go figure your body type

For Women


Well, most women must have read a lot and perhaps read enough about their body types. And all this so they can dress perfectly. Know Your Figure

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