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Sleek and Smart Pocket Scale

Description   Imagine a weigh scale that fits in the palm of your hand. Yes, it is now possible with smart pocket scales that provide accuracy, precision and quality making it an innovative choice for all your weighing needs. Eagle Scales offers sleek pocket scales that look stunning and are easy to operate. These compact […]

Travelling? Weigh Your Options!

Everyone loves to travel. Exploring new locations, the interesting cultures, the rich heritage and history, the gorgeous scenic surroundings, all make an impact on travellers. However, travelling involves a lot of consideration and a ton of planning. Consider the location, your itinerary, the weather, the flights, and of course your luggage! All you frequent travellers […]

Live Healthy, Be Happy!

Clap along if you know what happiness is to you. Happiness is the big things. The kind of things that come along once in a while, sometimes even once in a lifetime.  The joy a mother feels when she sees her child smile for the first time or his tentative first word ‘mama’. The feeling […]

Top benefits of planting trees

Trees have been around for centuries but the importance of planting them is evidently diminishing. Planting Trees is one of the cheapest and most effective ways to maintain equilibrium in the life-cycle. The roots stabilize the ground and prevent soil erosion. Trees give out oxygen which is essential for the survival of every living being […]

Have a safe trip!

Have a safe trip! Traveling is always fun if it’s rightly planned. The pitfalls of traveling with seniors and elder adults are rarely taken into consideration until there’s a mishap during a trip. Thankfully, here are new and exciting resources that make it easy to pre-plan and travel with any elders. 1) Avoid unnecessary baggage […]

A Beach Vacation

The summer is at its peak. A dip in the sea, a sumptuous meal, lots of local shopping and some wine by the ocean sounds heavenly. Escaping the civilization and heading to a beach in the tormenting heat may not be the most practical thing to do but, it surely can be the most relaxing. […]

Summer vacation necessities

Summer vacations are the much-awaited period of the year for many. It’s that time of the year when the kids are super excited to go on a summer vacation; the elder ones are busy planning and making arrangements for the vacations. Planning for a vacation includes a number of things like choosing the right destination, […]

Core Control in the Fitness World

Core Control in the Fitness World     The moving trend in the world today is incorporating Fitness as a part of one’s lifestyle. Various styles of exercises that are out in the market has given each individual a vast choice. From the conservative cardio programs of running, biking, trekking to the new age dance […]

Quick easy healthy recipes

Quick easy healthy recipes Healthy eating is not about following strict nutrition philosophies or staying unrealistically thin, nor depriving yourself of the foods you love. Rather, it’s about feeling great, having more energy, stabilizing your mood, and keeping yourself as healthy as possible. All you need to do is expand your range of healthy food […]

World Heart Day 2013-10 Steps to a healthy heart

World Heart Day 2013: 10 Steps to a healthy heart   A sedentary (inactive) lifestyle is one of the top risk factors for heart disease. Fortunately, it’s a risk factor that can be worked upon. Follow these steps to ensure your heart is healthy and safe at all times.   Starting the day with a […]

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