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The moving trend in the world today is incorporating Fitness as a part of one’s lifestyle. Various styles of exercises that are out in the market has given each individual a vast choice.

From the conservative cardio programs of running, biking, trekking to the new age dance mantras of Zumba, belly fit, power yoga styles. From the known gym workouts and traditional yoga to a range that one hasn’t yet explored!

The world is moving at a fast pace. Yet there is the risk of overdoing and the fear if what one is doing is suited for their needs or not. Physiotherapist Moushumi Kuvawala advocates incorporating core control exercises in any of the above regimes.

The core is a set of muscles which form a cylinder around the spine and control segmental movements of vertebrae. These thus support the larger muscle groups that we use in all activities and thereby take unnecessary load of the working muscles.

Pilates- a set of exercises that work on focusing on these core muscles whilst doing any workout thus trains us to use the core. Improvement in the use and strength of the core muscles improves posture and balance. As muscles work, the toning of these core muscles gives a leaner body. A well toned efficient body allows us to enjoy the workouts and reduces the risk of injury.

People with various existing problems of the low back or knees or past histories of sports injuries and various aches and pains need to work on their core. These muscles tend to switch off in pain and repeated episodes occur as their strength has not been worked to regain their control. Moushumi Kuvawala thus also works with people with orthopaedic and neurological problems to analyse where the focus of exercise should be and helps with planning programs that strengthen the core and tone other muscles to enhance functional training of the body.


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About the Author

Moushumi Kuvawala is a practising physiotherapist since 20 years. Specialised as a Manual therapist and a Neuro Physiotherapist she treats patients with various orthopaedic, neurological disorders and sport injuries.

She is a trained Pilates instructor (UK-APPI) conducting classes for a wide range of people of different age groups to improve their core strength to enable them to enhance their quality of life be it from fitness to injury management using the Pilates Concepts.




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