I still remember the day I first stepped into the kitchen. I had come across the recipe of my favourite dish and I wanted to make it. Half salivating, totally excited and completely prepared with an apron and a scarf tied around my head, I entered the kitchen with the recipe. I searched for all the ingredients. I could almost smell the dish. And then I was staring at a bunch of bottles, bowls, packets, sieves and stuff and of course the recipe. Now was the tough time I had to measure out the ingredients. They had asked me to measure out 3 tablespoons of butter.

Alright, that’s easy.

So I had thought when I read the recipe. But right now I was staring at 3 different sizes of Tablespoons and I had no clue which spoon they meant. I began guesswork. The result? Well, my dish was eatable but not as yummy as I had imagined it to be.

Cooking Isn’t Easy

Lesson learnt: Need to buy a weighing scale.

Here’s why:

More accurate:

That first recipe that I made, I perhaps ended up using all three varieties of tablespoons. So every ingredient that I put in was disproportionate. When things are written in metric systems it becomes easier. (IF they are not, we could simply convert it) People like me, who have not a clue about cooking or baking can easily weigh things and make their favourite dish. And then if it does not turn out to be as good, then perhaps the recipe’s wrong. Chuck it!


Yes, of course it saves time. I with all the confusion in which spoon size is to be used, its obviously going to take at least 20 minutes more than the time mentioned for preparing the dish. And trust me, by the end of it, you feel like you would better not make the dish and order it from a local restaurant. When you have a kitchen weighing scale, all you have to do it weigh the ingredients quickly while putting together the ingredients!


I checked the same recipe in different recipe books and different websites. Well, the ingredients were the same but the quantities were described in different ways. There was one book that gave it in tablespoons, there was another that used a measuring cup, there was yet another which weighed the ingredients out! Of all three, I found the one in weights easier to follow. Plus, it was the same weight all the time. I mean, imagine yourself putting in 1 teaspoon of salt in your dish and the dish turns out to be too salty. Conclusion: weighing the ingredients out is safer.


Yes, when I made that dish, it created a lot of mess. I spent 1 hour making it and the next 4 hours cleaning the mess. Reason? Well, they had asked me to take 2 tablespoons of honey and it stuck to 2 tablespoons and 3 bowls and I must have wasted at least 2 more tablespoons of honey (which I licked off later). With the weighing scale, I could simply put the entire bottle of honey on the weighing scale and spoon out the exact amount from it. Phew! So that gives me less vessels to clear out.

Easy to Manipulate:

I was the only person who was going to have the dish but I ended up making it for 2. If the ingredients were written in metric systems, I could have easily divided it into half. How the heck am I to divide curdled milk into half? (Alright, maybe I could have done that) But let’s face it, it would have been definitely easier if it was in litres or grams. Plus you know exactly how much you have left with you and you can decide which recipe to prepare later to finish that ingredient off.

Smallest Quantities:

How on earth am I to know what a pinch of some powdered grain means? That is so vague! Wouldn’t it be nice that we would be able to weigh the stuff out so people like me don’t go wrong and put in 2 pinches of the ingredient (spoiling the dish completely).

Yes, those were the major reasons. Plus, what if some day I become a diet freak? I can then keep count of the calories that I put on.

So next time I cook (which would perhaps be only after another 6 months – the time that I would require to forget my terrible experience) I definitely have a kitchen weighing scale and a digital one too.

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