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See Your Figures Jump or Shrink!

Your Personal Diwali Guide

Your Personal Diwali Guide If you enjoy Diwali sweets, you know full well that you will eat them next week – no matter what anyone tells you about their fat content and their health damaging effects. Looking to prep your health routine for Diwali sweets is the difference between enjoying the sweets and feeling guilty […]

World Heart Day 2013-10 Steps to a healthy heart

World Heart Day 2013: 10 Steps to a healthy heart   A sedentary (inactive) lifestyle is one of the top risk factors for heart disease. Fortunately, it’s a risk factor that can be worked upon. Follow these steps to ensure your heart is healthy and safe at all times.   Starting the day with a […]

Nutrition Myths

Nutrition Myths When it comes to making your family happy and healthy, there’s no time to spend messing around. There are a lot of food myths out there, and so it’s easy to be confused about what to listen to. Here are the top 5 food myths you need to be aware of: Myth 1 […]

Know How Much You Ran

Here is a quick calculator to convert Miles to Kilometers or vice versa: Miles to Kilometers: Kilometers to Miles:

Convert your Weight

Here are 2 calculators to help you convert your weight from Pounds to Kilograms or vice versa: Pounds to Kilograms: Kilograms to Pounds:

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