A child’s play


Childhood is incomplete without playing cricket/football in your neighborhood, running around in the buildings or playing hide and seek. Playing promotes a healthy child development. Spending time playing outside with their peers is something all children need the most when they grow up.

1.Physical development

Engaging in activities like running, playing with a ball or playing tag helps their body develop, helps strengthening their immunity, makes their metabolism develop and keeps them fit. They need a certain amount of exercise for a healthy development and outdoor games are the best way to achieve that.

2.Cognitive development

Games like hide and seek, playing house, playing with dolls or role playing boosts their imagination and develops their creativity which is a direct exercise and training for their brain to get sharper. They get a chance to think on the spot and be spontaneous. Development of skills like problem solving, dealing with new situations and conflict resolving has its roots in outdoor activities.

3.Strengthens relationships

When you let your children play other children, they learn to communicate with their peers and development of values like team work and friendships takes place quite naturally. Children learn to develop and maintain relations when they communicate often with one another.

4.De-stressing activity

Like adults, children face stress too. The increased academic competition and growing school work certainly has a stressful impact on them. When they engage in physical activities and games, it gives them a chance to de-stress and refresh and rejuvenate their mind.

5.A taste of nature

It is extremely important for children to be close to nature. When they play outside, they’re close to trees, road, soil, rocks, dogs, cats, etc. which gives them firsthand knowledge about nature. It gives a boost to their curiosity about nature and pushes them to explore the world in their own way.

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